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dai dai

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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Pod::Usage;
use Text::Markdown 'markdown';
use HTML::TreeBuilder;
use List::Util 'max';
use Encode;
dai / index.html
Created Nov 6, 2012 — forked from abraham/index.html
ADN Widgets alpha install instructions
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<!-- ADN Widgets alpha -->
<!-- Sign up for alpha deprecation announcements:!forum/adn-widgets-announce -->
<!-- To install: include script on your web site and add the <a> tag where you want the follow button -->
<!-- Tested to work in the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9 -->
<!-- ADN Widgets: -->
<script async src=''></script>
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You can represent time statements in most western languages where
a prefix and/or suffix is used.
The default case is to use suffix only (as in English), which you
do by providing the `suffixAgo` and `suffixFromNow` settings in
the strings hash (earlier versions of timeago used the deprecated
`ago` and `fromNow` options). If present, they are used.
2 minutes [suffixAgo]
2 minutes [suffixFromNow]