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Redmine Backup Script by Groovy
//Dump from mysql
/* dump ファイルが文字化けしたので コマンドラインから sqldump したほうがよさそう
def mysqldump_process = "/path/to/mysqldump -u redmine -psecret redmine".execute()
new File("redmine.dump").withWriter { writer ->
writer << mysqldump_process.text
//Archive dump and attachedfiles
new AntBuilder().zip(destfile: "path/to/backup/redmine-backup." + new Date().format("yyyyMMddHHmmss") + ".zip",
basedir: ".",
includes: "*.dump") {
fileset(dir: "/path/to/redmine") {
include(name: "files/*")
//Number of keeping backup archive
def KEEP_NUM = 7
def c = 0;
def files = new File("path/to/backup").listFiles().reverse()
files.each {
if (c++ < KEEP_NUM) {
println "Kept${it.canonicalPath}"
} else {
println "Deleted .${it.canonicalPath}"
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