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daimor / clock.mac
Created September 15, 2023 08:03
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Q N R,Q,C,D,E,W,B,G,H,S,T,U,V,F,L,P,N,J,A S N=$G(N),Q='N,F=Q+Q,P=F+F,W=$L($T(Q))
S W=$E(W,Q),S='N_+N,W=W-F*S,L=$G(L),R=$C(Q_F_P),R(F)=$C(F+Q_F),R(P)=$C(W-F) W #
S T=$E($T(Q+F),F,W\S)_$C(W+S+F) X T S B=$P(T,$C(P_P),F),C=B\(W*W),D=B-(C*W*W)\W
F G=S-Q:F:S+F+Q S E=B-(C*W*W+(D*W)),H=$E($T(Q),G),@H=$S(@H<S:'Q,Q:N)_@H,T=C_D_E
F A=Q:Q:W\S S J=$E(T,A),C(F)=$S(J>(F+Q)&(J<(S-F)):Q,Q:+N),C(P)=$S(J#F:Q,Q:+N) D
.S C(Q)=$S(J<(S-F):+N,Q:Q),C(F+Q)=$S(J>Q&(J<(S-F))&(J'=(P+'L))&(J'=(P)):Q,Q:+N)
.S H('L)=L F S H(N?.E)=$O(C(H('$G(N)))) Q:H('+L)=L S F(A,H('L))=C(H(W[(W\S)))
F U=Q:Q:P W !,R F V=Q:Q:P+F W $S(F(V,U):'Q,Q:$C(P_(W\S))) W:'(V#F) $C('N_F_F+F)
daimor / %CJS.RoutineWizard.cls
Last active November 4, 2018 10:12
Cache Javascript
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/// Studio Template:<br>
/// Create a new Cache JavaScript Routine.
Class %CJS.RoutineWizard Extends %ZEN.Template.studioTemplate [ StorageStrategy = "" ]
Parameter TEMPLATENAME = "Cache JavaScript";
Parameter TEMPLATETITLE = "Cache JavaScript";
Parameter TEMPLATEDESCRIPTION = "Create a new Cache JavaScript routine.";
daimor / csession
Last active January 26, 2018 08:21
csession script which working with docker
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CONTAINER=`docker container ls -q -f "name=$NAME"`
if [ -z $CONTAINER ]
echo "Docker container with name $NAME not found"
exit 1
View Utils.Global.cls
Class Utils.Global Extends %RegisteredObject
/// Анализ размера глобала, с анализом размера его подузлов, на указанную вложенность
/// все необходимые параметры будут запршены при запуске
ClassMethod GlobalSize() [ PublicList = (big, DatabaseBlockSize, blksiz, cc, Bytes, Count, gls, lev) ]
set $ztrap="err"
set dir=$$selectdb()
do {
daimor / cosJSON.isc
Created December 21, 2016 08:00 — forked from isc-bspead/cosJSON.isc
Macros for writing forward compatible JSON code in InterSystems Caché 2016.1
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#include %occReference
#if $$$comClassDefined("%Library.Object")
#define jsonClassIsLatestVersion $classIsLatestVersion
//usage: obj.$$$jsonClassIsLatestVersion()
#define jsonExtends $extends
//usage: {}.$$$jsonExtends(classname)
#define jsonFromJSON $fromJSON
//usage: {}.$$$jsonFromJSON(string)
#define jsonGetIterator $getIterator
//usage: obj.$$$jsonGetIterator()
View irc bot on intersystems cache
#include %occInclude
set host=""
set port="6667"
set sock=##class(%IO.Socket).%New()
set linepat=##class(%Regex.Matcher).%New("^\:([^\!\ ]+)\![^\ ]+\ (.+)$")
set privmsg=##class(%Regex.Matcher).%New("^PRIVMSG #([^\ ]+) \:(.+)")
set action=##class(%Regex.Matcher).%New("!(?:bot|BOT) (.+)")
try {
View Debug.Trace.cls
Class Debug.Trace Extends %RegisteredObject
ClassMethod On(aGN As %String = "") As %Status [ ProcedureBlock = 0 ]
#define InvalidIO $io'=$p
if aGN="" set %TraceLog=$name(^CacheTemp.TraceLog)
else set %TraceLog=aGN
kill @%TraceLog
for i=1:1:$stack-1 {
daimor / ccontrol
Last active August 19, 2021 04:56
bash completions for InterSystems cache
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# bash completions for InterSystems ccontrol
if [ $# == 0 ] || [ $1 == "all" ]; then
echo $(ccontrol qlist | cut -d'^' -f1 | tr '\n' ' ')
echo $(ccontrol qlist | grep "\^$1\," | cut -d'^' -f1 | tr '\n' ' ')
daimor / StudioRoutines.xml
Created May 18, 2014 20:24
Caché JavaScript Routine
View StudioRoutines.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Export generator="Cache" version="25" zv="Cache for UNIX (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for x86-64) 2014.1 (Build 608U)" ts="2014-05-19 00:22:31">
<Class name="%CJS.RoutineWizard">
Studio Template:<br>
Create a new Cache JavaScript Routine.]]></Description>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Export generator="Cache" version="25">
<Class name="%CDEV.JSON.Base">
<Method name="%WriteJSON">