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Connect MS Access database to R (RStudio) in Windows
library("RODBC") #load package
db<-file.path("C:/path/to/your/database.accdb") #connect database.
#Note the UNIX style slash (/). "\" is "escape character" so all "\"you should replace either with "/" or "\\"
channel<-odbcConnectAccess2007(db) #internal RODBC function
dataSetName<-sqlFetch(channel,"TableName") #read particular table from Access database file.

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@dainiuxt dainiuxt commented Jun 10, 2014

To use this connectivity under Win x64 you should use 32 bit version of R, because RODBC isn't working with 64 bits.
Also I'm still unsuccessful to connect MS Access database in above mentioned way (in any way if to tell you the truth) in linux.

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