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composer install --no-dev
npm install
php artisan key:generate
php artisan db:seed
git commit -am 'Initial commit.'
git push origin master
echo 'Finished setting up new FooBar project!'
php artisan migrate --package="foo/bar"
php artisan migrate
echo 'Finished migrating databases!'
php artisan build
php artisan cache:clear
echo 'Finished building assets!'

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dalabarge commented May 2, 2014

So you'd do some manual pre-setup stuff then execute envoy run setup which would simply execute all this in the current working directory. Some of it is straight CLI and some runs internal Envoy tasks (there's more to this file than just these three).

I use Vagrant boxes so this command would be executed directly on the VM from the project directory and no SSH is needed. Perhaps we could have a @servers keyword for local or localhost which does not SSH when running the task. Or a switch like --local? Then I could do @task('setup', [ 'on' => ['local', 'web-1', 'web-2'] ]) ... and maybe for backwards compatibility local is not ran unless explicitly declared in an 'on' => ['local'] statement.


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