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Run a command or a script as cron would
# Run as if it was called from cron, that is to say:
# * with a modified environment
# * with a specific shell, which may or may not be bash
# * without an attached input terminal
# * in a non-interactive shell
# This scripts supports cron jobs run by any user, just run it as the target user (e.g. using sudo -u <username>)
# An up-to-date version of this script may be available at
function usage(){
echo "$0 - Run a script or a command as it would be in a cron job, then display its output"
echo "Usage:"
echo " $0 [command | script]"
echo ""
echo "This scripts supports cron jobs run by any user."
echo "To do so, just run it as the target user (e.g. using sudo -u <username> $0)"
if [ "$#" -lt 1 -o "$1" == "-h" -o "$1" == "--help" ]; then
exit 0
# Depending on the distro, $HOME may or may not be affected by sudo.
# This is a better way to get the home directory of the current user
home=$( getent passwd "$(whoami)" | cut -d: -f6 )
function generate_env_file(){
# This function adds /usr/bin/env to a cron job and makes sure it is run only once
# i.e. it just helps the user who does not want to do it himself
echo -n "Adding a job to cron, to be run once... "
generator=$(mktemp /tmp/generator.cron.XXXX)
chmod 700 "$generator"
cat > "$generator" <<eof
mkdir -p $(dirname "$cron_env")
/usr/bin/env > ${cron_env}
# Remove this script from the current cron jobs
crontab -l | sed "/$(basename $generator)/d" | crontab -
rm "$generator"
# Add the just-created-script to cron
crontab -l | { cat; echo "* * * * * $generator"; } | crontab -
if [ "$?" -eq 0 ]; then
echo "Done at $(date)"
echo "It will be run shortly. You can try to run $0 again in a minute."
return 0
echo "Failed."
return 2
# This file should contain the cron environment.
if [ ! -f "$cron_env" ]; then
echo "Unable to find $cron_env" >&2
echo "To generate it, run \"/usr/bin/env > $cron_env\" as a cron job" >&2
echo -n "Do you want this script to do it for you? [y/n] "
read reply
if [ "$reply" == "y" -o "$reply" == "Y" ]; then
exit $?
exit 1
# It will be a nightmare to expand "$@" inside a shell -c argument.
# Let's rather generate a string where we manually expand-and-quote the arguments
# Note that may fail in case arguments (or environment variables) contain quotes...
env_string="/usr/bin/env -i "
while read -r line; do
env_string="${env_string} \"$line\" "
done < "$cron_env"
for arg in "$@"; do
cmd_string="${cmd_string} \"${arg}\" "
# Which shell should we use?
the_shell=$(grep -E "^SHELL=" "$cron_env" | sed 's/SHELL=//')
if [ -z "$the_shell" ]; then
echo "Unable to detect what shell should be used for this user." >&2
exit 2
echo "Running with $the_shell the following command: $cmd_string"
# Let's route the output in a file
# and do not provide any input (so that the command is executed without an attached terminal)
so=$(mktemp "/tmp/fakecron.out.XXXX")
se=$(mktemp "/tmp/fakecron.err.XXXX")
"$the_shell" -c "$env_string $cmd_string" >"$so" 2>"$se" < /dev/null
echo -e "Done. Here is \033[1mstdout\033[0m:"
cat "$so"
echo -e "Done. Here is \033[1mstderr\033[0m:"
cat "$se"
rm "$so" "$se"
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poleguy commented Jul 13, 2020

This would be better if it would bootstrap the /usr/bin/env > /root/cron-env the first time it runs.

It also doesn't work if cron-env has a semicolor (';') in an environment variable, e.g.:

This doesn'tget escaped right.

bash sucks.

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daladim commented Jul 13, 2020

@poleguy, thanks for your input.
I have just added a feature that bootstraps /usr/bin/env > /root/.config/run-as-cron/cron-env, just as you suggested.

I can see that you are trying (on your own fork) to fix this script when the environment contains semicolons. Feel free to tell me when/if you successfully test it, I'd be happy to include your improvements in this script!

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daladim commented Jul 17, 2020

@poleguy, I now have included your improvements in this gist.
I also have improved a few other things, added better error management, and this script now supports any user.

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nbonamy commented Dec 13, 2021

Thanks for this! Updated the script: if no command is provided then crontab commands will be listed and user will be able to pick one. Available on

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