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release notes 0.4.0-rc4
Thanks for being so patient everyone! We're pretty sure you'll agree it was worth the wait.
This is by far the most stable and performant version of RasPlex to date! We expect it will be our last "release candidate" for 0.4.0.
We're running off of the very latest PHT code, which brings in a long-awaited "PlayQueue" feature - enabling you to easily binge on seasons at a time. Please note that this is very new, and any bugs you find should be reporting to Plex, not us.
Here are our notable changes:
- Based on PHT 1.1.1
- Major improvement speed in Pre-Caching
- Caching Media sections which drastically improves loading time once cached
- New feature from PHT PlayQueues
- Playback capabilities improvement (stuttering pretty much eliminated).
- Exiting playback won't always terminate audio
- RasPlex time not beeing properly set according to region settings and DST
- Double subtitles showing when using transcoding
- Fixed playback randomly stopping after 5 minutes or so
- Better support for directplay with optional VC1 codec
- Various skin fixes.
- Fixed auto update looping issue.
- Rewrote auto update completely, now more reliable
- Added 250 MB swap by default to improve responsiveness / prevent crashing
Big thanks to LongChair for his leadership on this release and his awesome speed improvements, and to our Beta team for helping us test this release and come up with better processing for releasing stable code more often.
As always, report any bugs as according to
You can get the image from our RasPlex installer: or autoupdate to it.
Please note that autoupdate has been fixed in this version, and may not work properly with previous implementations, so a full reflash is the recommended way to install if you have issues.
Release is hosted at:
-RasPlex Team
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