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project - Metacello project management support.
project install - Run the installScript for the given project entry
project clone - Clone repository (github only)
project browse - Browse project artifacts
project upgrade - Perform a post GsDevKit upgrade installation
project commit - Commit the Metacello project
project compare - View differences between repository versions (git only)
project diff - View code differences between image and repository
project entry - Create a new project entry
project unregister - Unregister the project
project get - Download configuration or baseline for the given project
project unlock - Unlock project registration
project list - List Metacello projects
project load - Load the Metacello project
project lock - Lock project registration
project log - Browse commit log for the Metacello project (git only)
project new - Create a new project: BaselineOf, package, git repository
project prime - Prime the project registry
project pull - Execute a `git pull` for the project repository (github only)
project push - Execute a `git push` for the project repository (github only)
project refresh - Refresh project entries in project list
project registry - Inspect the project registry
project rehome - Point package repository groups for project to new repository
project summary - View report of changed packages and methods
project validate - Validate the project registrations
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