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Replace repositoryGroups for workingCopies with filetree: equivalent
"cd to a likely spot on disk and run the following at a shell prompt (after installing git):
git clone -b develop
then set pharoCoreRepoPath below to path to repository directory inside PharoCore git repository.
Finally run the expressions in this workspace to connect your image up to the correct repositories.
| pharoCoreRepoPath metacelloRepository filetreeRepository
pharoCoreRepository pharoCoreHTTPRepo filetreeHTTPRepo metacelloHTTPRepo
pharoCoreRepoGroup metacelloRepoGroup filetreeRepoGroup |
pharoCoreRepoPath := '/opt/git/PharoCore/repository'. "Don't forget path should point at PharoCore/repository subdirectory"
pharoCoreRepository := MCFileTreeRepository new directory:
(FileDirectory default directoryNamed: pharoCoreRepoPath).
pharoCoreHTTPRepo := MCRepositoryGroup default repositories detect: [:repo |
repo description = ''].
metacelloRepository := MCGitHubRepository location: 'github://dalehenrich/metacello:newPackageFormat/repository'.
metacelloHTTPRepo := MCRepositoryGroup default repositories detect: [:repo |
repo description = ''].
filetreeRepository := MCGitHubRepository location: 'github://dalehenrich/filetree:pharoBugFix/repository'.
filetreeHTTPRepo := MCRepositoryGroup default repositories detect: [:repo |
repo description = ''].
pharoCoreRepoGroup := MCRepositoryGroup new
addRepository: pharoCoreHTTPRepo;
addRepository: pharoCoreRepository;
filetreeRepoGroup := MCRepositoryGroup new
addRepository: filetreeHTTPRepo;
addRepository: filetreeRepository;
metacelloRepoGroup := MCRepositoryGroup new
addRepository: metacelloHTTPRepo;
addRepository: metacelloRepository;
MCWorkingCopy registry valuesDo: [:wc |
(wc repositoryGroup includes: metacelloHTTPRepo)
ifTrue: [ wc repositoryGroup: metacelloRepoGroup ].
(wc repositoryGroup includes: filetreeHTTPRepo)
ifTrue: [ wc repositoryGroup: filetreeRepoGroup ].
(wc repositoryGroup includes: pharoCoreHTTPRepo)
ifTrue: [ wc repositoryGroup: pharoCoreRepoGroup ] ].
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