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Bootstrapping FileTree support into Pharo image
"Note that these instructions apply to Phase1 ... not yet alpha, so take care:)
Assuming Pharo 1.3"
"Bootstrap filetree code"
Gofer new
url: '';
package: 'ConfigurationOfFileTree';
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfFileTree) project version: '1.0') load.
"Download the filetree repository from GitHub by doing something like the following:
sudo mkdir /opt/git/
sudo chmod og+rw /opt/git/
cd /opt/git/
curl -L > /tmp/
unzip /tmp/ -d /opt/git
You can also clone the filetree repository if you already have git installed:
sudo mkdir /opt/git/
sudo chmod og+rw /opt/git/
cd /opt/git/
git clone
If you clone the filetree repository, then you should use:
as the path for attaching the FileTree repository.
"Attach to filetree repository and load latest packages (use correct path to your filetree download/clone)"
Gofer new
repository: (MCFileTreeRepository new directory:
(FileDirectory on: '/opt/git/filetree/repository/'));
package: 'MonticelloFileTree-Core';
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