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Node.js, Express, and SQLite to wrap a REST API around an SQL database
var sqlite3 = require('sqlite3').verbose();
var db = new sqlite3.Database('data/demodb02');
db.serialize(function() {"CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS counts (key TEXT, value INTEGER)");"INSERT INTO counts (key, value) VALUES (?, ?)", "counter", 0);
var express = require('express');
var restapi = express();
restapi.get('/data', function(req, res){
db.get("SELECT value FROM counts", function(err, row){
res.json({ "count" : row.value });
});'/data', function(req, res){"UPDATE counts SET value = value + 1 WHERE key = ?", "counter", function(err, row){
if (err){
else {
console.log("Submit GET or POST to http://localhost:3000/data");
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koalahamlet commented Aug 5, 2014

@dalelane I get this error

throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
Error: SQLITE_CANTOPEN: unable to open database file

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LuizPanariello commented Aug 14, 2014

You can try to use 'fs' (file system) to read the file and pass it to sqlite3.

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seddik commented Sep 14, 2016


var path = require('path');
var dbPath = path.resolve(__dirname, 'mydb.db')

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jstipsBR commented Oct 31, 2016

how i make to get and update all rows ???

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quetzaluz commented Sep 10, 2018

how i make to get and update all rows ???

Using db.all can query all rows:

Using is probably your best bet for any update statements:

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