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Create an iCalendar file with the swimming sessions available at Fleming Park Leisure Centre by scraping the timetable on their site
# Create an ICS calendar with the sessions available at a DC Leisure Centre
# using the info found by scraping the timetable website
# Dale Lane
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from dateutil import parser
import urllib, urlparse
import datetime, time
import icalendar
import os
WEBSITENAME = "Fleming Park"
OUTPUT = "swimflemingpark.ics"
# get the date for the day with the provided name
# (assuming that it's either today or within a week)
def get_next_weekday(now, dayname):
# convert the day name to a number
weekday = time.strptime(dayname, "%A").tm_wday
days_ahead = weekday - now.weekday()
if days_ahead < 0:
days_ahead += 7
return now + datetime.timedelta(days_ahead)
# download the schedule from the provided URL
# parse the contents, and return an array of items containing
# the sessions described on the page
def get_schedule(timetableurl, timetableday):
# download the page
pagecontents = urllib.urlopen(timetableurl).read()
# parse the page
soup = BeautifulSoup(pagecontents)
schedule = []
# get the first timetable from the page (ignore the other timetables such
# as the timetable for the Teaching Pool)
timetables = soup.body.find_all("div", class_="timeTable", limit=1)
for timetable in timetables:
timetablerows = timetable.find_all("tr")
for timetablerow in timetablerows:
timetableInfo = timetablerow.find_all("td")
if len(timetableInfo) > 0:
sessionTime = timetableInfo[0].string
sessionType = timetableInfo[1].string
sessionTimes = sessionTime.split(" - ")
sessionStart = datetime.datetime.combine(timetableday, parser.parse(sessionTimes[0]).time())
sessionFinish = datetime.datetime.combine(timetableday, parser.parse(sessionTimes[1]).time())
"type" : sessionType,
"start" : sessionStart,
"end" : sessionFinish
return schedule
# download the page from the provided URL
# parse the contents, and find the navigation bar containing links
# to the schedule for each day of the week
# return the links, with the dates each link is for
def get_days(basetimetableurl):
now =
pagecontents = urllib.urlopen(basetimetableurl).read()
soup = BeautifulSoup(pagecontents)
timetables = []
weekNavMenus = soup.body.find_next("div", class_="ttNavSubDays")
weekMenu = weekNavMenus.find_all("li")
for day in weekMenu:
link = day.find_all("a")
if link:
"url" : urlparse.urljoin(basetimetableurl, link[0].get('href')),
"day" : get_next_weekday(now, link[0].string)
return timetables
# timestamp to give to the generated ICS file
scriptruntime =
# create the new icalendar
cal = icalendar.Calendar()
cal.add("prodid", "-//Swimming Timetable//" + WEBSITENAME + "//")
cal.add("version", "2.0")
# get the list of timetables to download and parse - one for each day
timetables = get_days(WEBSITEURL)
# for each timetable...
for timetable in timetables:
# download and parse the timetable and get the session info
for timetableinfo in get_schedule(timetable['url'], timetable['day']):
# create an event to represent the session
event = icalendar.Event()
event.add("summary", timetableinfo['type'])
event.add("dtstart", timetableinfo['start'])
event.add("dtend", timetableinfo['end'])
event.add("dtstamp", scriptruntime)
# add the event to the calendar
# write the calendar to an ics file
f = open(OUTPUT, 'wb')
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