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A list of resources on how to be a hacker/pentester/security person - from #infosec on

Howto be a Hacker/Pentester/Security person - List of resources

I've just stolen HypnZA list of suggested links and added a few others by various people. (Please feel free to send me other links/info you think might be useful to add.)

HypnZA's commonly shared list (in the correct order):

  2. and
  3. Watch Ippsec's HackTheBox videos from oldest to newest, but attempt the box in the video before watching the video (requires a paid hackthebox account to access the machines in the videos)

From my own list, I reccommend:

  1. LiveOverflows stuff on YouTube
  2. Azeria Labs -
  3. Hardware Security Resources - Great list of mostly hardware related info

A great intro course is this one on Udemy A great free online web security course is this one

Shadowrizla suggested this awesome document filled with tons of resources.

If you run out of stuff the Awesome Hacking list has tons of Awesome lists you can go look at

The Pentesting certification to have at the moment is an OSCP

You can read a nice writeup on what its like to get by HypnZA


In South Africa there are currently only two community Security Conferences (That I know about) in JHB in Cape Town in JHB

Local Meetups:

DC2744 (Gardenroute) -
DC2711 (Johannesburg) -
DC2751 (Bloemfontein) -
0xc0ffee (Cape Town) - - Currently on hold until in-person events are happening again.
0xc0ffee (Johannesburg) -
Hack The Box SA Meetup - OWASP Cape Town -

Local Chats / CTF:

Hack South -

Local Cybersecurity Events / News:

Hack South's website for updates about local cybersecurity events -

Additional Resources:

Awesome Firmware Security & Other Helpful Documents - The book of secret knowledge (thanks @Shadowrizla)

Some Infosec related discords:

Infosec Book Club:
The CyberSec Lounge:
Infosec Community:
Whitehat Hacking:
Below 0day:
Reverse Engineering:
Hacker One:

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