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Plain Javascript to normalize target attribute for External Links
// I needed to trigger a non-interactive Google Analytics Event on external link click in
// Google Tag Manager v2. This is a hacky workaround for targeting external links on using
// a trigger like this:
// Event Type: Link Click [element: target] [starts with] ["_"]
// This is used as a HTML tag in Google Tag Manager v2 to normalize all external <A> links
// to have a "target" attribute. Priority 100, Triggered on All Pages and Event = gtm.dom
// Find external links and fix target (target not set, href isn't relative, current domain isn't in href)
var fixlinks = document.querySelectorAll('a:not([target]):not([href*="''"]):not([href^="/"])');
for (var i=0; i<fixlinks.length; i++){
fixlinks[i].setAttribute('target', '_blank'); // or, more semantically rel=external
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