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clock self+sourced self: sourced script
clock elapsed: other lines
000.049 000.049: --- NVIM STARTING ---
000.929 000.880: locale set
001.421 000.492: inits 1
001.441 000.020: window checked
001.623 000.182: parsing arguments
001.884 000.261: expanding arguments
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-define(setup(F), {setup, fun start/0, fun stop/1, F}).
boot_up_test_() ->
{"Can be started with a registered name",
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%% Based on code from
%% Erlang Programming
%% Francecso Cesarini and Simon Thompson
%% O'Reilly, 2008
%% (c) Francesco Cesarini and Simon Thompson
dalizard / rules for good
Created Nov 18, 2016 — forked from Integralist/rules for good
Sandi Metz advice for writing tests
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Rules for good testing

Look at the following image... shows an object being tested.

You can't see inside the object. All you can do is send it messages. This is an important point to make because we should be "testing the interface, and NOT the implementation" - doing so will allow us to change the implementation without causing our tests to break.

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diff -urN mutt-1.6.1/buffy.c mutt-1.6.1-sidebar/buffy.c
--- mutt-1.6.1/buffy.c 2016-05-02 03:02:12.397171385 +0100
+++ mutt-1.6.1-sidebar/buffy.c 2016-05-02 03:02:15.009212943 +0100
@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@
#include "mutt_curses.h"
+#include "sidebar.h"
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[1] pry(main)> module A
[1] pry(main)* module B; end
[1] pry(main)* end
=> nil
[2] pry(main)> A::B.class_eval { Module.nesting }
=> []
[3] pry(main)> A::B.class_eval('Module.nesting')
=> [A::B]
[4] pry(main)>
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Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Netif Expire
default UGSc 17 43 en0
10.205.1/24 link#4 UCS 4 0 en0 bc:16:65:93:6a:93 UHLWIir 18 112 en0 1190 UHS 0 0 lo0 c8:a:a9:4a:62:80 UHLWIi 0 45 en0 1164 1c:75:8:c3:20:ab UHLWIi 3 2132 en0 1168 74:e5:b:d:e4:20 UHLWIi 0 0 en0 1109
127 UCS 0 0 lo0 UH 2 10146422 lo0
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Top 50 slowest examples (299.23 seconds, 12.7% of total time):
SearchResult.strip_user_from_search_results removes users from search results, who have been banned by the user
8.73 seconds ./spec/models/search/search_result_spec.rb:55
Omniture tracking (set stat_secret.var_name variables) Profile visited Should set "prop17" to visited profile info (age1|[age2]#gender1|[gender2]#pic?#FFT|SFT)
and "prop5" to pageName_visitedProfileInfo
when visiting own profile (page my_profile_common_show)
8.56 seconds ./spec/features/omniture_tracker_spec.rb:444
SearchResult.strip_user_from_search_results does nothing when there are no banned relations
8.13 seconds ./spec/models/search/search_result_spec.rb:67
SearchResult.strip_user_from_search_results removes users from search results, who have banned the user
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rspec ./spec/features/gallery_spec.rb:61 # Gallery check with photos should render gallery HTML in my profile, which has the right behaviour
rspec ./spec/features/gallery_spec.rb:86 # Gallery check with photos should load the first picture from the gallery as a profile picture
rspec ./spec/features/gallery_spec.rb:91 # Gallery check with photos should change the profile picture if you click on a picture from the gallery
rspec ./spec/features/gallery_spec.rb:97 # Gallery check with photos should see how photos look shared or not shared
rspec ./spec/features/gallery_spec.rb:122 # Gallery check without photos should not render gallery HTML in my profile
rspec ./spec/features/login_spec.rb:7 # Login Should log in a credits user
rspec ./spec/features/login_spec.rb:17 # Login Should log in a premium user
rspec ./spec/features/omniture_tracker_spec.rb:37 # Omniture tracking (set stat_secret.var_name variables) In all pages Should left "channel", "pageType", "state" and "zip" empty
rspec ./spec/features/omniture_trac
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<%= form_for(@cart, @cart.line_items) do |f| %>
<ul data-role="listview" data-split-theme="a" data-split-icon="delete">
<% for item in @cart.line_items %>
<%= f.fields_for item, :index => do |item_form| %>
<a href="#">
<%= image_tag item.image %>
<h1><%= item.model %></h1>
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