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Created April 7, 2019 22:01
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Notes for building custom Robot Framework docker images
Below are various notes to help if building a custom RF docker image that we don't already have publicly available,
e.g. IronPython-based RF docker image, Java/Jython-based RF docker image.
java -jar jython_installer-<version>.jar
# Robot Framework 3.0 supports Jython 2.7 which requires Java 7 or newer.
jython -m ensurepip
jython -m pip install robotframework
# Robot Framework 2.5-2.8 support Jython 2.5 (requires Java 5 or newer)
# Robot Framework 2.0-2.1 support Jython 2.2
java -jar robotframework-3.0.jar mytests.robot
java -jar robotframework-3.0.jar --variable name:value mytests.robot
java -jar robotframework-3.0.jar rebot output.xml
java -jar robotframework-3.0.jar libdoc MyLibrary list
java -jar robotframework-3.0.jar %s
# First configure the CLASSPATH to include your libraries and jrobotremoteserver
java org.robotframework.remoteserver.RemoteServer %s
# ipy
FROM mono:latest
RUN msbuild MySolution.sln
RUN mono MyConsoleApp.exe
# IronPython 2.7.5
# any newer versions to install?
ipy install
# IronPython contains bundled pip starting from version 2.7.5
ipy -X:Frames -m ensurepip
ipy -X:Frames -m pip install robotframework
ipy -m robot %s
ipy path/to/robot/ %s
dotnet add package NRobotServer --version 1.0.0
Install-Package NRobotServer -Version 1.0.0
# then extract nrobotserver.1.0.0.nupkg
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