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bip39 close pairs list
able, cable
able, table
across, cross
act, pact
again, gain
age, cage
age, page
age, wage
agree, green
ahead, head
air, hair
air, pair
all, ball
all, call
all, fall
all, wall
alley, valley
alone, salon
anger, danger
anger, range
apart, party
arch, march
area, rare
area, real
arm, army
arm, farm
arm, warm
army, farm
army, warm
around, round
arrow, narrow
art, cart
ask, mask
ask, task
aunt, hunt
avoid, void
away, way
axis, taxi
ball, call
ball, fall
ball, wall
base, case
battle, cattle
beach, teach
bean, mean
belt, melt
best, nest
best, test
best, west
better, letter
bike, like
bind, find
bind, kind
bind, mind
blame, flame
blue, blur
blue, glue
blush, flush
blush, slush
boat, goat
boil, coil
boil, foil
boil, oil
bone, one
bone, tone
bone, zone
book, cook
border, order
boss, toss
brain, grain
brain, rain
brain, train
brass, grass
brave, raven
bread, ready
brick, trick
bridge, ridge
brief, grief
bright, right
bring, ring
brisk, risk
broom, room
brown, frown
brush, crush
bulb, bulk
bus, busy
cable, table
cage, page
cage, wage
cake, lake
cake, make
call, calm
call, fall
call, wall
calm, palm
camp, damp
camp, lamp
camp, ramp
can, scan
car, card
car, cart
card, cart
card, hard
card, yard
case, cash
cash, dash
cash, wash
catch, match
catch, patch
cause, pause
cave, have
cave, pave
cave, save
cave, wave
chair, hair
chat, hat
chat, that
chat, what
clap, claw
clap, clay
claw, clay
claw, law
claw, lawn
clay, play
climb, limb
clip, flip
clock, flock
clock, lock
cloud, loud
coast, roast
coast, toast
coil, coin
coil, foil
coil, oil
coin, join
come, home
cook, cool
cool, pool
cool, tool
cool, wool
coral, moral
core, corn
core, more
corn, horn
cost, host
cost, post
cover, hover
cover, over
crack, rack
crack, track
craft, draft
cram, ramp
crash, trash
cream, dream
crop, drop
cube, tube
damp, lamp
damp, ramp
dash, wash
dawn, lawn
deal, idea
deal, real
dice, ice
dice, nice
dice, rice
dinner, inner
dinner, winner
dish, fish
dish, wish
donkey, monkey
dose, nose
dose, rose
dove, love
dove, move
dove, oven
dove, over
draw, raw
drip, trip
drive, river
dust, just
dust, must
earn, learn
earn, near
earn, pear
earn, wear
earn, year
earth, heart
east, easy
east, vast
eight, height
eight, light
eight, night
eight, right
eight, sight
either, neither
emerge, merge
emotion, motion
enable, unable
end, lend
estate, state
face, race
fall, wall
fame, game
fame, name
fame, same
farm, warm
father, gather
father, rather
fault, vault
fee, feed
fee, feel
feed, feel
feed, need
feed, seed
fever, never
file, film
find, fine
find, kind
find, mind
fine, wine
finger, ginger
fire, firm
fire, hire
fire, wire
fish, wish
fitness, witness
flag, flat
flight, light
flight, slight
flock, lock
flush, slush
foil, oil
fold, gold
fold, hold
fold, old
follow, hollow
food, foot
food, good
food, hood
food, wood
fork, work
found, round
found, sound
funny, sunny
gain, main
gain, rain
game, name
game, same
gas, gasp
gasp, wasp
gate, rate
gather, rather
gaze, maze
ghost, host
gift, lift
give, live
glad, lady
glide, slide
glove, love
glow, slow
gold, hold
gold, old
good, hood
good, wood
gown, own
gown, town
grace, race
grain, rain
grain, train
great, treat
grid, grit
grid, ride
hair, pair
hand, sand
hard, yard
hat, that
hat, what
have, pave
have, save
have, wave
health, wealth
hello, shell
hen, then
hen, when
hero, zero
hill, ill
hill, pill
hill, will
hint, into
hip, ship
hip, whip
hire, wire
hold, hole
hold, old
hole, pole
honey, phone
hood, wood
hope, open
hope, shop
host, post
hover, over
hover, shove
humble, tumble
ice, nice
ice, rice
idea, ride
idea, side
idea, tide
idea, wide
ill, pill
ill, will
inner, winner
issue, tissue
item, kite
item, stem
just, must
keen, keep
kick, sick
kind, mind
kind, skin
kiss, miss
kit, kite
knee, need
know, now
know, snow
lab, slab
lake, make
lamp, ramp
lamp, slam
later, plate
later, water
law, lawn
lend, lens
life, lift
life, wife
light, night
light, right
light, sight
light, slight
limb, slim
link, pink
link, wink
live, olive
load, loan
load, road
local, vocal
lock, sock
long, song
lottery, pottery
love, move
love, oven
love, over
loyal, royal
lucky, pluck
lumber, number
lunch, punch
maid, mail
maid, main
mail, main
mail, rail
mail, sail
mail, tail
main, rain
mask, mass
mask, task
mass, pass
match, patch
math, path
mean, meat
meat, seat
milk, silk
moon, soon
mother, other
move, oven
move, over
much, such
mule, rule
name, same
near, pear
near, wear
near, year
need, seed
nest, test
nest, west
next, text
nice, rice
night, right
night, sight
north, worth
nose, rose
note, vote
now, snow
nurse, purse
one, tone
one, zone
open, pen
orange, range
other, there
outer, route
oven, over
over, verb
over, very
own, town
ozone, zone
paddle, saddle
page, wage
pave, save
pave, wave
pear, wear
pear, year
pill, will
pink, spin
pink, wink
poem, poet
polar, solar
pond, pony
pond, upon
pony, upon
pool, tool
pool, wool
power, tower
praise, raise
price, rice
pride, ride
proof, roof
pull, pulp
quit, quiz
quit, suit
race, rack
rack, track
rail, rain
rail, sail
rail, tail
rain, train
reason, season
rent, tent
rice, rich
ride, side
ride, tide
ride, wide
right, sight
ring, sing
ring, wing
roast, toast
roof, room
round, sound
sail, tail
save, wave
sea, seat
seed, seek
sell, tell
ship, whip
shoe, shop
side, tide
side, wide
sing, wing
ski, skin
slab, slam
slot, slow
sorry, worry
soul, soup
south, youth
stable, table
stem, step
stone, tone
stool, tool
stumble, tumble
surge, urge
swarm, warm
swear, wear
swing, wing
sword, word
talk, walk
taste, waste
ten, tent
test, west
that, what
then, they
then, when
there, where
tide, wide
tone, zone
tool, wool
trap, tray
trap, wrap
trim, trip
twin, win
twin, wine
twin, wing
twin, wink
use, used
verb, very
walk, wall
wash, wasp
wear, year
wild, will
win, wine
win, wing
win, wink
wine, wing
wine, wink
wing, wink
wise, wish
wood, wool
word, work
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ChezThomas commented Jun 1, 2021

Any chance to help on how to try this list using seedrecover / btcrecover
on a mnemonic 24, bip39, eth (trezor) wallet.
Thanks in advance!!!

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dam13n commented Aug 26, 2021

@ChezThomas You'd basically try swapping any of the pairs if they show up in you mnemonic.

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