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damky / cookiesToObject.js
Created June 22, 2022 16:52
cookies to object
const parsedCookies = document.cookie.split('; ').reduce((prev, current) => {
const [name, ...value] = current.split('=');
prev[name] = value.join('=');
return prev;
}, {});
export default parsedCookies
damky / Ready.js
Created January 19, 2022 18:39
Ready function that waits for one or more target elements to be on the page before executing callback function
function Ready(target, cb) {
let observer;
const config = {
attributes: true,
childList: true,
subtree: true,
characterData: true
if (!observer) {
observer = new MutationObserver(check);
damky /
Last active November 14, 2021 19:34 — forked from jdennes/
Convert a directory of .m4a files to .mp3 files
  • You need ffmpeg installed. If you have Homebrew installed on a Mac, you can do this by running:

    brew install ffmpeg
  • Put in directory containing .m4a files.

  • Ensure it's executable:

damky / test.html
Last active November 9, 2017 23:53
<pre><code>[[[divstyle:TProw|[[[divstyle:TPcol-lg-5 TPcol-xs-6|[[[PIC:Lgo-ICN-nav-c309.png||[[[page:##]]]||TPphoneIcnBan]]][[[PAGE-SP:FORM-477|Request an Appointment|TPstyle4 color:#a8dff9;|||Request an Appointment]]]]]] [[[divstyle:TPcol-lg-5 TPcol-xs-6|[[[PIC:ICN-phone-white-c309.png||||TPphoneIcnBan]]][[[divstyle:TPstyle4|[[[Client:OfficePhone]]] ]]] ]]] [[[divstyle:TPcol-lg-2 TPcol-xs-12 TPsocialSticky|[[[PIC:ICN-sm-Facebook-blue-c309.png||||TPsmBtnsBan]]] [[[PIC:ICN-sm-yelp3-blue-c309.png||||TPsmBtnsBan]]] [[[PIC:ICN-sm-google-blue-c309.png||||TPsmBtnsBan]]] ]]] ]]]</code></pre>