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Last active January 25, 2024 22:21
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Custom fish greeting (for fish shell)
function fish_greeting
echo ' '(set_color F00)'___
___======____='(set_color FF7F00)'-'(set_color FF0)'-'(set_color FF7F00)'-='(set_color F00)')
/T \_'(set_color FF0)'--='(set_color FF7F00)'=='(set_color F00)') '(set_color red)(whoami)'@'(hostname)'
[ \ '(set_color FF7F00)'('(set_color FF0)'0'(set_color FF7F00)') '(set_color F00)'\~ \_'(set_color FF0)'-='(set_color FF7F00)'='(set_color F00)')'(set_color yellow)' Uptime: '(set_color white)(uptime | sed 's/.*up \([^,]*\), .*/\1/')(set_color red)'
\ / )J'(set_color FF7F00)'~~ \\'(set_color FF0)'-='(set_color F00)') IP Address: '(set_color white)(ipconfig getifaddr en0)(set_color red)'
\\\\___/ )JJ'(set_color FF7F00)'~'(set_color FF0)'~~ '(set_color F00)'\) '(set_color yellow)'Version: '(set_color white)(echo $FISH_VERSION)(set_color red)'
\_____/JJJ'(set_color FF7F00)'~~'(set_color FF0)'~~ '(set_color F00)'\\
'(set_color FF7F00)'/ '(set_color FF0)'\ '(set_color FF0)', \\'(set_color F00)'J'(set_color FF7F00)'~~~'(set_color FF0)'~~ '(set_color FF7F00)'\\
(-'(set_color FF0)'\)'(set_color F00)'\='(set_color FF7F00)'|'(set_color FF0)'\\\\\\'(set_color FF7F00)'~~'(set_color FF0)'~~ '(set_color FF7F00)'L_'(set_color FF0)'_
'(set_color FF7F00)'('(set_color F00)'\\'(set_color FF7F00)'\\) ('(set_color FF0)'\\'(set_color FF7F00)'\\\)'(set_color F00)'_ '(set_color FF0)'\=='(set_color FF7F00)'__
'(set_color F00)'\V '(set_color FF7F00)'\\\\'(set_color F00)'\) =='(set_color FF7F00)'=_____ '(set_color FF0)'\\\\\\\\'(set_color FF7F00)'\\\\
'(set_color F00)'\V) \_) '(set_color FF7F00)'\\\\'(set_color FF0)'\\\\JJ\\'(set_color FF7F00)'J\)
'(set_color F00)'/'(set_color FF7F00)'J'(set_color FF0)'\\'(set_color FF7F00)'J'(set_color F00)'T\\'(set_color FF7F00)'JJJ'(set_color F00)'J)
(J'(set_color FF7F00)'JJ'(set_color F00)'| \UUU)
(UU)'(set_color normal)
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Thanks for this!

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@dan-c-underwood I was just wondering what is setting the $fish_theme variable on your systems? It seems to be not set on mine.

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@frederickjh I think when I created this originally it was set using Since then I’ve either hard coded it in my fish config file or in this function.

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@dan-c-underwood Thanks for getting back to me. I thought it might be something like that but, when I searched the oh-my-fish/oh-my-fish repository code I couldn't find that variable. Oh well.

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awesome! :)

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