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* Map view with annotation
* @author Danang Iswadi
var Map = require('');
var win = Ti.UI.createWindow({backgroundColor: 'white'});
var modernlandView = Map.createAnnotation({
latitude: -6.197766,
longitude: 106.647146,
title: "Padang Golf Modernland",
subtitle: 'Jl. Modern Golf Raya no.1, Tangerang',
pincolor: Map.ANNOTATION_RED,
myid: 1
var mapView = Map.createView({
mapType: Map.NORMAL_TYPE,
region: {latitude:-6.197766, longitude:106.647146,
latitudeDelta:0.01, longitudeDelta:0.01},
animate: true,
regionFit: true,
userLocation: true,
annotations: [modernlandView]
mapView.addEventListener('click', function(evt) {"Annotation " + evt.title + " clicked, id: " + evt.annotation.myid);
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