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Dan Burzo danburzo

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mudge / use-debounce.js
Last active Sep 22, 2019
A custom React Hook for a debounced click handler with a given callback and delay.
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* Inspired by Dan Abramov's "Making setInterval Declarative with React Hooks",
* this is a custom hook for debouncing a callback (e.g. for click handlers) such
* that a callback will not be fired until some delay has passed since the last click.
* The callback will automatically be updated with the latest props and state on every
* render meaning that users don't need to worry about stale information being used.
* See for the
* original inspiration.
hankchizljaw / html.js
Last active May 4, 2019
HTML tagged template literal for syntax highlighting
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const html = input => input;
bwhitman /
Created May 8, 2017
Make an audio collage out of your live photos
mkdir /tmp/picblast; cd ~/Pictures/Photos\ Library.photoslibrary; for i in `find . | grep jpegvideocompl`;do ffmpeg -i $i /tmp/picblast/${i:(-8)}.wav; done; cd /tmp/picblast; ffmpeg -safe 0 -f concat -i <( for f in *.wav; do echo "file '$(pwd)/$f'"; done ) ~/Desktop/picblast.wav; rm -rf /tmp/picblast
mathisonian /
Last active Jun 30, 2020
requiring npm modules in the browser console

demo gif

The final result: require() any module on npm in your browser console with browserify

This article is written to explain how the above gif works in the chrome (and other) browser consoles. A quick disclaimer: this whole thing is a huge hack, it shouldn't be used for anything seriously, and there are probably much better ways of accomplishing the same.

Update: There are much better ways of accomplishing the same, and the script has been updated to use a much simpler method pulling directly from browserify-cdn. See this thread for details:


gre / easing.js
Last active Jul 13, 2020
Simple Easing Functions in Javascript - see
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* Easing Functions - inspired from
* only considering the t value for the range [0, 1] => [0, 1]
EasingFunctions = {
// no easing, no acceleration
linear: t => t,
// accelerating from zero velocity
easeInQuad: t => t*t,
// decelerating to zero velocity
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