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Created January 13, 2015 23:13
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Single License Step 1 Example
// retrieve the license key from the DB *of the main product*
$license_key = trim( get_option( 'edd_sample_license_key' ) );
$edd_updater = new EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater( EDD_SL_STORE_URL, __FILE__, array(
'item_id' => 123, // the item_id (aka post_id) of the download on your site
'version' => '1.0', // current version number of the extension
'license' => $license_key, // license key of the main product to validate a license against
'item_name' => EDD_SL_ITEM_NAME, // name of this extension
'author' => 'Pippin Williamson', // author of this extension
'url' => home_url()
) );
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