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Getting Yeoman working with generator-angular-fullstack (Mac OSX Mavericks)

Create a working folder

mkdir newProject && cd $_

Install Brew

Install brew [], this makes it much easier to install more cool aid packages on your machine

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install Node, The server this all runs from

brew install node

Install bower, A Package manager from Twitter

npm install -g bower

Install the DB, A NoSQL database

brew install mongodb

Allows mongo to start (it kept erroring) sudo mkdir -p /data/db/ sudo chown id -u /data/db

Install Yoeman, a scaffolding tool to make every project start well

npm install -g yo

Angular and mongo yeoman installer

npm install -g generator-angular-fullstack

Install the Project Scaffold

Just follow the instructions, use [Space] to select and Hit [Enter] to confirm yo angular-fullstack

It's possible you'll then need to run

npm install bower install

and then to make it all run together,

Starts MongoDB


Then in another terminal tab on the same folder [Cmd+T], starts the server and shows you what you just installed!

grunt serve

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