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Created November 27, 2012 06:04
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d3 reusable chart: coffeescript
class BaseChart
constructor: ->
@_width = 720
@_height = 80
draw: (selection) =>
me = @
selection.each( (d, i) -> me._draw(this, d, i) )
_draw: (elem, d, i) ->
throw "Not Implemented"
width: (value) ->
if not arguments.length
return @_width
@_width = value
height: (value) ->
if not arguments.length
return @_height
@_height = value
class MyChart extends BaseChart
_draw: (elem, d, i) ->
# generate chart here; `d` is the data and `elem` is the element
chart = new MyChart()
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A coffeescript version of

This uses a prototype-based "class", which coffeescript supports with special syntax. One consequence is that the API differs from the original:

  • new is used to instantiate the chart
  • instead of

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bewest commented Dec 16, 2012

Looks nice! Use of new doesn't seem problematic. Could you include the method for selecting?

chart = new MyChart( );

I like the idea of a coffee script classes providing factory methods to set up d3 for more common usage.

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wprater commented May 31, 2013

Forked the gist to fix the two issues that you had with your implementation. Although, I think it's simpler to use the method that you presented. Hope this helps. Have you been using your Coffee version in your projects?

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