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Make AUCTeX do forward and inverse search with SyncTeX and Evince
;; This is originally from
;; Thanks to user "florenzen". I've included the fixes for Ubuntu 11.10
;; and wrapped buffer-file-name in a call to file-truename because
;; kpathsea/SyncTeX follow symlinks; see
;; Forward/inverse search with evince using D-bus.
(if (require 'dbus "dbus" t)
;; Forward search.
;; Adapted from
(defun auctex-evince-forward-sync (pdffile texfile line)
(let* ((dbus-name
(dbus-call-method :session
"org.gnome.evince.Daemon" ; service
"/org/gnome/evince/Daemon" ; path
"org.gnome.evince.Daemon" ; interface
(concat "file://" pdffile)
t ; Open a new window if the file is not opened.
(time (current-time))
(high (car time))
(low (cadr time))
(timestamp (+ (* high (expt 2 16)) low)))
(dbus-call-method :session
(list :struct :int32 line :int32 1)
(defun auctex-evince-view ()
(let ((pdf (file-truename (concat default-directory
(TeX-master-file (TeX-output-extension)))))
(tex (file-truename buffer-file-name))
(line (line-number-at-pos)))
(auctex-evince-forward-sync pdf tex line)))
;; New view entry: Evince via D-bus.
(add-to-list 'TeX-view-program-list
'("EvinceDbus" auctex-evince-view))
;; Prepend Evince via D-bus to program selection list
;; overriding other settings for PDF viewing.
(add-to-list 'TeX-view-program-selection
'(output-pdf "EvinceDbus"))
;; Inverse search.
;; Adapted from:
(defun auctex-evince-inverse-sync (file linecol timestamp)
(let ((buf (get-buffer (file-name-nondirectory file)))
(line (car linecol))
(col (cadr linecol)))
(if (null buf)
(message "Sorry, %s is not opened..." file)
(switch-to-buffer buf)
(goto-line (car linecol))
(unless (= col -1)
(move-to-column col)))))
:session nil "/org/gnome/evince/Window/0"
"org.gnome.evince.Window" "SyncSource"
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