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@danharper danharper/release.js
Last active Oct 31, 2016

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const { execSync } = require('child_process')
const SENTRY_URL = ''
const SENTRY_API_KEY = process.env.SENTRY_API_KEY
const VERSION = process.env.CIRCLE_SHA1
function createSentryRelease() {
execSync(`curl ${SENTRY_URL} -u ${SENTRY_API_KEY} -X POST -d '${JSON.stringify({ version: VERSION })}' -H 'Content-Type: application-json'`)
function uploadToSentry(file, filename) {
execSync(`curl ${SENTRY_URL}/${VERSION}/files/ -u ${SENTRY_API_KEY} -X POST -F file=@${file} -F name='${filename}'`)
uploadToSentry('build/app.js', 'app.js')
uploadToSentry('build/', '')
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