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danheberden / flynn.log
Created Aug 31, 2017
bv loader outage
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
2017-08-31T07:25:57.620228Z app[builder.ip1012070129-38813651-1863-4e2a-8476-e274fe5401af]: [2017-08-31T07:25:57.620Z] debug - [Deployment Handler] Successfully pulled message AQEB6jPgxEUAxtgwO7DVFDzf9a4WKlEmY1AV+n6+B25S/MVz7oiNLA7Wqw9KOy7fY1ZjEgYBLsc87a2H/aAvnkx4NICJi9Piwov6jtHQ9pFlHrFwtuPvBmVwg2r1cfY2+oIu0yjFuXVQX24LrTjAyXQu9ScH5NdEre8RiusYaQwRWtgiRuoeV+F8a33MgKFgzjUBVzCnWXinMNwuJS10tYPGY9cEUtlDA7SKSDPXKqS6RxTsredX5/1DokroLGnJU/AtFJnCKt5kW9nKnDe0+qreGtPyMYA5D4h9FgJMl405ZVLjH+soK4BcB3sxAE5f8k2qvD4bavbejaKphCnoeWYURHCVLxtV05lhsE3CRsdzMkVBjCquEQyFuZ/qHwaSqs4kTXZj6QhGhmOOW6uTKvukwy/hmuosDAJZ/eW3ikotk4g=.
2017-08-31T07:25:57.620542Z app[builder.ip1012070129-38813651-1863-4e2a-8476-e274fe5401af]: [2017-08-31T07:25:57.620Z] info - [Deployment Handler] Deploying ikeaglobal/main_site/en_ES.
2017-08-31T07:25:57.621341Z app[builder.ip1012070129-38813651-1863-4e2a-8476-e274fe5401af]: [2017-08-31T07:25:57.621Z] debug - [Deployment Handler] Message pull is complete.
danheberden / jqtotals.js
Last active Dec 20, 2015
get eventbrite totals
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var sales = {training: 0, conf: 0, team: 0, speaker: 0};
jQuery('#ticketsSalesDiv tr').each(function(i, tr) {
var row = jQuery(tr);
var columns = row.find('td');
var fields = [];
columns.each(function(i, td) {
var column = jQuery(td);
if(i < 1) {
jQuery.each(sales, function(k, v) {
var reg = new RegExp(k, 'i');
View bower-meeting-2013-04-12
13:21 danheberden: distilled my ideas into a gist
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13:32 marcooliveira: brb
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13:49 addyosmani: bowerrrr powerrr.
View gist:4951411
success: function(data) {
if(data == 'error') {
} else {
var span = $('<span class="label label-success"><strong>Success</strong></span>');
$this.closest('tr').find('td').first().append( span );
// after 3 seconds...
// hide the span, once that's done, remove it
span.hide( 'normal', function() {
danheberden /
Last active Dec 12, 2015
Mozilla FirefoxOS notes

FirefoxOS, B2G, gaia and YOU

Getting setup for work on gaia


FirefoxOS (or B2G - Boot To Gecko) is comprised of three core pieces. Gonk, Gaia and Gecko.

Gonk is the core of the OS, consisting of a linux kernel and HAL layer (parts of which are shared with android for things like Camera, GPS, etc).

danheberden / bug_report.js
Created Dec 26, 2012
Problem with .then in underscore.deferred?
View bug_report.js
var Deferred = require( 'underscore.deferred' );
// using then won't throw any exceptions
var d1 = Deferred.Deferred();
d1.then( function( a ) {
console.log( 'success', a );
d1.resolve( 'test' );
View gist:4081477
var http = require('http');
var static = require('node-static');
grunt.registerTask( 'server', "Create a preview server", function( port ) {
var done = this.async();
port = port || 8080;
var fileServer = new static.Server('./');
danheberden / all.js
Created Sep 18, 2012
Gith: All actions example
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var gith = require( 'gith' ).create( 9001 );
gith().on( 'all', function( payload ) {
/* update the website! */
danheberden / file-add-filtered.js
Created Sep 18, 2012
Gith: File:add of specific match to repo example
View file-add-filtered.js
var gith = require( 'gith' ).create( 1337 );
repo: 'danheberden/gith',
file: /^test\/payloads/
}).on( 'file:add', function( payload ) {
/* files were added to /test/payloads in danheberden/gith */
danheberden / file-add-repo.js
Created Sep 18, 2012
Gith: File:add to repo example
View file-add-repo.js
var gith = require( 'gith' ).create( 9001 );
repo: 'danheberden/gith'
}).on( 'file:add', function( payload ) {
console.log( 'these files were added', payload.files.added );
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