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danhorst/disadis log

Last active Nov 18, 2015
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# No log enteres are made by disadis if a request is made to download an item that is not viewable by the current user
# This single request is logged by disadis for a download request with a valid one-time access token
2015/11/18 09:32:25.159767 dl GET /k6439z92c9d 39.285593ms
# These three requests are logged by disadis for ONE successful request to the downloads controller
2015/11/18 09:32:41.127054 dl GET /k6439z92c9d 37.343704ms
2015/11/18 09:32:41.918609 dl GET /k6439z92c9d 24.011027ms
2015/11/18 09:32:42.127155 dl GET /k6439z92c9d 26.094414ms
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