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Created January 17, 2023 19:11
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part of a windows ansible role
- name: Create C:\TEMP directory
win_file: path='C:\TEMP' state=directory
- name: Download OneApi2022.3
script: |
az storage file download --account-name xxxxxx --account-key {{ key }} --share-name ansible-files --path "Intel.7z" --dest "C:\TEMP\Intel.7z" --output none
- name: Extract archive
script: |
set-location c:\Temp
7z.exe x Intel.7z
- name: "Install Intel OneApi 2022.3.0.9573"
path: 'C:\TEMP\Intel\,v=2022.3.0-9573\bootstrapper.exe'
- --silent
- --eula
- accept
creates_path: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\'
state: present
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