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Remove caracteres especiais
User Function RemoveEspec(cWord)
cWord := OemToAnsi(AllTrim(cWord))
cWord := FwNoAccent(cWord)
cWord := FwCutOff(cWord)
cWord := strtran(cWord,"ã","a")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"º","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"%","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"*","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"&","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"$","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"#","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"§","")
cWord := strtran(cWord,"ä","a")
cWord := strtran(cWord,""+'"'+"","")
Return cWord
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