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Dan Allan danielballan

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danielballan /
Created Aug 6, 2021
Bluesky Widgets Demo Quickstart

Bluesky Widgets Demo Quickstart

danielballan /
Created Jul 17, 2021
MVP for Qt RemoteDispatcher

Terminal 1:

bluesky-0MQ-proxy 5567 5568

Terminal 2:

danielballan /
Last active Feb 24, 2021
IOC connection time analysis

IOC connection time analysis

We will use caproto-shark to analyze CA network traffic. Note that the actual servers and clients involve may or may not be using caproto themselves; it does not matter.

  1. Install caproto and pandas if they are not already installed.

    pip install caproto[standard] pandas
danielballan /
Created Jan 28, 2021
Logging optimizations galaxy brain

Logging optimizations

We will examine the byte code to get a sense of how much work the interpreter is doing.


>>> import logging
>>> logger = logging.getLogger()
>>> from dis import dis
danielballan /
Last active Jan 11, 2021 — forked from AbbyGi/
APS 4-ID POLAR bluesky-widgets example
from bluesky_widgets.models.auto_plot_builders import AutoPlotter
from bluesky_widgets.models.plot_builders import Lines
from bluesky_widgets.models.plot_specs import AxesSpec, FigureSpec
from bluesky_widgets.qt.figures import QtFigures
import databroker
import numpy as np
def xanes(monitor, detector):
absorption = np.log(np.array(monitor) / np.array(detector)).reshape(-1, 4)
from ophyd.epics_motor import EpicsMotor, required_for_connection, motor_done_move, AlarmSeverity
def _move_changed(self, timestamp=None, value=None, sub_type=None,
'''Callback from EPICS, indicating that movement status has changed'''
was_moving = self._moving
danielballan /
Created Dec 17, 2020
Data processing inside a plan, involving externally-stored data (e.g. images)
from ophyd.sim import img as detector
from bluesky.plan_stubs import open_run, stage, unstage, close_run, trigger_and_read, subscribe, unsubscribe
from bluesky_live.bluesky_run import BlueskyRun, DocumentCache
def plan():
Take 10 shots with a detector and do some data processing on the result.
Key points
danielballan /
Last active Nov 11, 2020
Area Detector + ophyd test harness

Run Area Detector

Start the container interactively.

sudo podman run -it --rm --name=area-detector -e AD_PREFIX=13SIM1: -p 5064:5064 -v /tmp:/tmp prjemian/synapps-6.1-ad-3.7:latest

In the container's shell:

danielballan /
Last active Oct 29, 2020
Patch databroker to enable reading PDF TIFFs lazily
from databroker import Broker
db = Broker.named('pdf')
# Ooverride the dask-coersion code with an improved version
# that deals with the incomplete or wrong shape metadata from ophyd.
# This is proposed to be added to databroker in
import dask
import dask.array
danielballan / example.ipynb
Last active Oct 19, 2020
New BlueskyRun work
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