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AutomateWoo - Add attachment to workflow email
add_filter( 'automatewoo/workflow/mailer', 'my_add_attachment_to_workflow_emails', 10, 2 );
* @param Mailer $mailer
* @param Workflow_Email $workflow_email
* @return Mailer
function my_add_attachment_to_workflow_emails( $mailer, $workflow_email ) {
$workflow = $workflow_email->workflow;
$mailer->attachments[] = get_template_directory() . '/terms.pdf';
return $mailer;
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ahirdas commented Mar 22, 2021

Hi Daniel,

This is Ahir. A beginner for the Autowoo plugin. I have a requirement which is like - "it needs to add a late fee to the subscription if the subscription expired but not paid. Will you please help me with how to build that feature? I am creating a custom function for that but ultimately did not reach to the solution.

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