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Last active February 27, 2023 13:34
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Ember.Route hook order
import Ember from 'ember';
// Ember 1.10
export default Ember.Route.extend({
//---fire in order on route enter---
beforeModel(transition) {
//empty by default
//Primarily for redirecting before the model is fetched
model(params, transition) {
//empty by default
// fetch the model from server here
// return a model
afterModel(model, transition) {
//empty by default
//accepts model for optional model setup
serialize(model, params) {
//has default behavior that serializes parameter out of passed model
//works perfectly if naming scheme is followed. More on this later.
//override to implement custom behavior
return {paramName: paramValue};
redirect(model, transition) {
//empty by default
// almost identical to afterModel
//but route is now considered active
activate() {
// empty by default
// used for optional setup after all model hooks
setupController(controller, model) {
//default implmentation sets model as property on controller
//must keep default behavior an optionally do more controller setup
controller.set('model', model);
renderTemplate(controller, model) {
//default implementation renders the template with the same name as the route
//with the default controller
// template name is passed as string
// override the function to customize which template and controller
// or to render mutiple templates
this.render(this.routeName, {
into: 'applcation',
controller: controller,
model: model
//----on route exit----
resetController(controller, isExiting, transition) {
//empty by default
//fires when route changes or model is refreshed
// isExiting property true when exiting (obviously)
deactivate() {
//empty by default
//fires on route exit
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At this date, the order is still respected on Ember v3.16.10.

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