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The conventions as defined in the ethereum yellow paper, section 3 -


Notation        Definition
σ world-state
µ machine-state
𝚼 Ethereum state transition function
C the general cost function
CSSTORE the cost function for the SSTORE operation
KEC Keccak-256
KEC512 Keccak 512
T Ethereum Transaction, Tuples are denoted with an upper-case letter (see next table for further detail)
n transaction nonce, Scalars and fixed-size byte sequences (or arrays are denoted with a normal lower-case letter
δ number of items required on the stack, particularly special scalers or fixed-byte sequences may be a greek character
o byte sequence given as the output data of a message call, Arbitrary-length sequences are typically denoted as a bold lower-case letter
These are scalars are assumed to be non-negative integers
𝔹 The set of Byte sequences
𝔹32 Set length is defined with super subscript, B with length 32
256 Non-negative integers smaller than 2256
µs[0] the first item on the machine’s stack
µm[0..31] first 32 items of the machine's memory
σ[a] an account/address in the world state
unmodified input value
⃞' modified & utilisable value
⃞* & ⃞**, & c intermediate values
f a function
f* a function similar element-wise version of function mapping
l function l(x) ≡ x[‖x‖ − 1] i.e. the last element in the given sequence
σ[a] an account in the world state with address a, this comprises four fields:
σ[a]n The account nonce, the number of transactions or number of contract-creations
σ[a]b The account balance, the number of Wei owned by the address
σ[a]s The storage root, a 256-bit hash of the root node that encodes the storage contents of the account. A mapping from the Keccak 256-bit hash of the 256-bit integer keys to the RLP-encoded 256-bit integer values.
σ[a]c The code hash, a hash of the EVM code of this account
b the account code, KEC(b) = σ[a]c

Transaction Values

Notation Description
Tn nonce of a transaction
Tp gasPrice of a transaction
Tg gasLimit of a transaction
Tt to, the 160-bit address of the message call's recipient, or Ø for a contract creation
Tv the value of wei transferred to the message ball's recipient, or an endowment to the new account in contract creation
Tw Tw is either the recovery identifier or ‘chain identifier doubled plus 35 or 36’
Tr The x-value of the curve point for the signature
Ts nonce of a transaction
Ti init, specifies the EVM-code for the account initialisation procedure
Td data, specifies the input data of the message call
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