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Berkeley DB 4.8 patch for compilers that have __atomic_compare_exchange.
Binary files dbxml-2.5.16.orig/db-4.8.26/dbinc/.atomic.h.un~ and dbxml-2.5.16/db-4.8.26/dbinc/.atomic.h.un~ differ
diff -ruN dbxml-2.5.16.orig/db-4.8.26/dbinc/atomic.h dbxml-2.5.16/db-4.8.26/dbinc/atomic.h
--- dbxml-2.5.16.orig/db-4.8.26/dbinc/atomic.h 2013-06-03 21:04:07.000000000 +0200
+++ dbxml-2.5.16/db-4.8.26/dbinc/atomic.h 2013-06-03 21:10:53.000000000 +0200
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
#define atomic_inc(env, p) __atomic_inc(p)
#define atomic_dec(env, p) __atomic_dec(p)
#define atomic_compare_exchange(env, p, o, n) \
- __atomic_compare_exchange((p), (o), (n))
+ __atomic_compare_exchange_db((p), (o), (n))
static inline int __atomic_inc(db_atomic_t *p)
int temp;
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
* which configure could be changed to use.
-static inline int __atomic_compare_exchange(
+static inline int __atomic_compare_exchange_db(
db_atomic_t *p, atomic_value_t oldval, atomic_value_t newval)
atomic_value_t was;
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danieldk commented Jan 25, 2020

...or just use patch. From the main dbxml directory:

patch -p1 < gistfile1.txt 

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nerdlabs001 commented May 26, 2021

I had to change lines 9 AND 18 from the commit above but now im good to go , Thanks all =)

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DavidDevGit commented May 29, 2021

How do I apply this patch?

Navigate to the file atomic.h that is in the dbinc directory. Somewhere around line 147, you will see _atomic_compare_exchange((p), (o), (n)) (as in line 9 above). Change that line to be __atomic_compare_exchange_db((p), (o), (n)). You are just adding a _db at the end of the function name.

You will also do something simolar around line 179. After that, re-run make to build Berkeley DB 4.8.

clear, concise instructions. This worked for me. Thank you

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Edison4mobile commented Aug 6, 2021

You can just run sed -i 's/__atomic_compare_exchange/__atomic_compare_exchange_db/g' db-4.8.30.NC/dbinc/atomic.h

great thanks

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Hongdeshuai commented Feb 25, 2022

Yeah, it works perfect

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