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Talks, slides and links from BrazilJS 2014

#BrazilJS 2014

Talks: slides & Links

Day Talk Speaker Links
1 Why ServiceWorker may be the next big thing Renato Mangini interview · slides · video
1 Frontend at Scale - The Tumblr Story Chris Miller interview · slides · video
1 Intro to GFX: Raw WebGL Nick Desaulniers interview · slides · video
1 Effective jQuery Jörn Zaefferer interview · slides · video
1 Web versus native: round 1? Chris Mills interview · slides · video
1 Limpando CSS gigantes com JS Mauricio Wolff interview · slides · video
1 Single Page Applications Done Right Eduardo Lundgren interview · slides · Site · video
1 The 7 Principles of rich web applications Guillermo Rauch interview · TBP · video
2 From commit to prod in 5 minutes Jacob Page interview · slides ·
2 Frontend was always my favorite color Ricardo Tomasi interview · slides
2 Mastering IE’s updated F12 tools Jonathan Sampson interview · slides
2 The Web Component Ecosystem Rob Dodson interview · slides
2 Data-binding [R]evolution Leonardo Balter interview · slides · Demo
2 AST, CST e Ferramentas Incríveis Miller Medeiros interview · slides
2 A Day in the Life of an Ember Developer Yehuda Katz interview · TBP
2 Making 3D Graphics Accesible Ricardo Cabello (mr. doob) interview · TBP

TBP: To Be Published

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diogobeda commented Aug 26, 2014

Boaa 👏 👏
To doido pra ver de novo a do Chris Miller do Tumblr.

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matheuslc commented Aug 26, 2014

Boa Daniel, obrigado!

ps: Adiciona um http:// no link dos slides do Miller Medeiros.

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davidsonfellipe commented Aug 27, 2014

A palestra do @leobalter está com link errado.

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davidsonfellipe commented Aug 27, 2014

Adicionei todas no

Assim que tiverem mais links, por favor adicionem aqui -

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danielfilho commented Aug 27, 2014

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ericorruption commented Aug 27, 2014

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DullReferenceException commented Aug 28, 2014

Excellent, thanks for making these all available! Will links to the videos also be put here when those are available?

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gabrielhpugliese commented Aug 28, 2014

👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

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ThiagoMiranda commented Aug 28, 2014

Muito bom galera!!
Estavam filmando a conferência, certo? Há alguma previsão de disponibilizar o vídeo?

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danielfilho commented Sep 18, 2014

I appreciate @DullReferenceException. Hope you had great time here, because we did :)


@danielfilho, Será que não rola pedir os slides do Guillermo Rauch ??

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