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Add support to your plugin or theme for WordPress Privacy Policy Generator (GDPR Compliance).
* Return the default suggested privacy policy content.
* @return string The default policy content.
function plugin_get_default_privacy_content() {
'<h2>' . __( 'What personal data we collect and why we collect it' ) . '</h2>' .
'<p>' . __( 'This text describes what type of information the admin should include here or what they should do with this info you provide in your template.' ) . '</p>';
* Add the suggested privacy policy text to the policy postbox.
function plugin_add_suggested_privacy_content() {
$content = plugin_get_default_privacy_content();
wp_add_privacy_policy_content( __( 'Plugin Name' ), $content );
// Not sure why but core registers their default text at priority 15, so to be after them (which I think would be the idea, you need to be 20+.
add_action( 'admin_init', 'plugin_add_suggested_privacy_content', 20 );
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