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Created April 26, 2019 13:18
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h3.speakerslist-title Deep Sea Wonders
| with
a(href='./Hillary_Goldwynn.html') Hilary Goldywynn Post
img.speakerslist-img.img-responsive.pull-left(src='./images/speakers/Hillary_Goldwynn.jpg', alt='Photo of Hilary Goldywynn Post')
| Hillary is a sophomore art sculpture student at New York University, and has already won all the major
| international prizes for new painters, including the Divinity Circle, the International Painter's Medal,
| and the Academy of Paris Award. Hillary's CAC exhibit features paintings that contain only water images
| including waves, deep sea, and river.
| An avid water sports participant, Hillary understands the water in many ways in which others do not, or
| may not ever have the opportunity. Her goal in creating the CAC exhibit was to share with others the
| beauty, power, and flow of natural bodies of water throughout the world. In addition to the display,
| Hilary also hosts a session on Tuesday called Deep Sea Wonders, which combines her love of deep sea diving
| and snorkeling, with instruction for capturing the beauty of underwater explorations on canvas.
h1.sidebar-title Artwork on display
| While you attend the conference, head over to our gallery where you can check out some of the work from our speakers.
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_01_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 0')
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_02_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 1')
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_03_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 2')
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_04_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 3')
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_05_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 4')
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_06_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 5')
img(src='./images/artwork/Hillary_Goldwynn_07_tn.jpg', alt='Artwork 6')
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