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daniellevass / gradle_build_time_tool.js
Last active February 28, 2022 20:36
gradle build time tool
const fs = require('fs')
// update this to match your computer
let directory="//Users/daniellevass/.gradle/daemon/"
fs.writeFile('output.csv', '', function(){})
var outputFile = fs.createWriteStream('output.csv')
function readVersionFolders(directory) {
fs.readdirSync(`${directory}/`).forEach(file => {
daniellevass / one.kotlin
Created February 3, 2020 19:28
spek medium post
describe("end to end flow of typical user") {
it("balance starts at 0") {
it("balance is 10 when I add 10") {
daniellevass /
Last active February 5, 2018 09:05
emoji worksheet

1. Aims

The aim of this worksheet is to help you create your own emoji using SVG!

We will need to write code to make some paper, circles and polygons and move where they are located on the page using coordinates.


Above is an Android emoji made using several circles (we can also animate it later!)

Interactive Emojis (part 1 - SVG)


To build an interactive emoji using SVG and JavaScript. Use your creativity to make that emoji that you always wanted to exist!

Part 1 you will create a static emoji using different shapes in SVG. Part 2 is where you will animate your emoji using JavaScript


above is an animated Android using SVG and JavaScript

daniellevass /
Last active January 28, 2020 12:48
cookie clicker

#Punch through bean info

  1. download the arduino program to write arduino code -

  2. download whichever bits on here you need

  3. I had problem trying to get the serial port to read correctly, can’t remember which magical incantation i had to do, but it was on the punchthrough forums, i can go back and look if you need it. this may have been it, but i'm pretty sure the npm package below fixed it too, might be useful if the npm package doesn't work.

daniellevass /
Last active May 16, 2016 20:37
APIs part 1 (with added lolcat gifs)

Using APIs Part 1

Welcome! In this worksheet we're going to learn:

  • examples of an APIs in the real world
  • representing data in JSON
  • getting data from the giphy API using jQuery's ajax method

If you want to recap before or after codebar most of this content is written up at:

<name>Danielle Emma Vass</name>
<country>United Kingdom</country>
daniellevass /
Last active May 6, 2016 09:55
apis doc 1

HTTP Requests, AJAX and APIs

Getting Started

Now you know the basics of how webpages are made. How do many websites really work?

Many will use a thing called an API : this is where data is stored someplace else (probably a server) and the website asks for the data it wants. E.g. your twitter feed - the data (all the tweets) is stored on their servers - the twitter website will ask the server for the top 20 new tweets in your feed.

This can be useful if you're going to have multiple clients (a website, an Android app, an iPhone app etc) that all need to display the same data.

daniellevass /
Last active March 4, 2016 11:27
BGL Tech Conference 2016


Hello, and welcome!


  • Build your own Thing for the Internet using littleBits in small teams
  • Demonstrate the Thing you've made to everyone
  • Write up how others (read: children) could also build your thing