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Add support for a better Xcode's Jump to Next Counterpart in Swift

If you work on a Swift project that follows the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture or similar, you may want to jump to counterpart in Xcode from your view to your model, and then to your view model. (ie. by using Ctrl+Cmd+Up and Ctrl+Cmd+Down).

You can do this in recent versions of Xcode by setting a configuration default.

From a terminal, just type this command and press Enter:

defaults write IDEAdditionalCounterpartSuffixes -array-add "ViewModel" "View"

Restart Xcode and navigate to one of your Swift model files. You’ll see counterparts more tailored to your project architecture now:

Ctrl+Cmd+Up and Ctrl+Cmd+Down will cycle those files and their interfaces generated by SourceKit.

If you want to revert the change, simply run this in a terminal and restart Xcode:

defaults delete IDEAdditionalCounterpartSuffixes

This configuration used to work for the Objective-C family of languages, but recent versions of Xcode seem to have added support for Swift too.

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