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Forked from garethrees/plot.p
Created May 20, 2019
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Graphing apache benchmark results with gnuplot
# Output to a jpeg file
set terminal jpeg size 1280,720
# Set the aspect ratio of the graph
set size 1, 1
# The file to write to
set output "timeseries.jpg"
# The graph title
set title "Benchmark testing"
# Where to place the legend/key
set key left top
# Draw gridlines oriented on the y axis
set grid y
# Specify that the x-series data is time data
set xdata time
# Specify the *input* format of the time data
set timefmt "%s"
# Specify the *output* format for the x-axis tick labels
set format x "%S"
# Label the x-axis
set xlabel 'seconds'
# Label the y-axis
set ylabel "response time (ms)"
# Tell gnuplot to use tabs as the delimiter instead of spaces (default)
set datafile separator '\t'
# Plot the data
plot "out.dat" every ::2 using 2:5 title 'response time' with points
$ ab -n 1000 -c 10 -g out.dat
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