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Created April 29, 2018 01:43
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Execute this from the javascript console in the browser, after you log in pentaho.
Get the listing of children of :home
Go through the list and send a put to deletepermanent with the id of the node.
$.getJSON("http://<server_url>:8080/pentaho/api/repo/files/:home/children", function(data){
$.each(data, function(i, nodes){
type: "PUT",
url: "http://<server_url>:8080/pentaho/api/repo/files/deletepermanent",
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Thank you Daneil this really works..

Do you have similar script to clear the Carte ID's from the Kettle Status or do we have any permanent solution to get rid of these logs too..

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Do we have any similar script to clear carte id objects ?

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