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// dust.js template pre-compilation
var template = dust.compile("Hello {name}!");
// compiles to this string:
// '(function() {
// dust.register("demo", body_0);
// function body_0(chk, ctx) {
// return chk.write("Hello ").reference(ctx.get("name"), ctx, "h").write("!");
// }
// return body_0;
// })();'
// This can easily be written to a file like hello.js
// Hogan.js template pre-compilation
var template = hogan.compile("Hello {name}!");
// Compiles to an object.
// { text: 'Hello {name}!', r: [Function] } }
// I can do template.r.toString() to write the function to a hello.js file,
// but the function calls inside this function depend on the HoganTemplate
// prototype. And the reference to 'this' is lost, when extracting the function.
// Applying the right context manually
var render = template.r.toString();
render.apply(new HoganTemplate, [{name: "world"}]);
// This works, as the render function now has access to the "HoganTemplate" prototype
// but it seems a bit clumsy? Got any other ideas?
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