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Gather up errors into a single Observable<Error>
// ErrorRouter.swift
// Created by Daniel Tartaglia on 5/23/20.
// Copyright © 2020 Daniel Tartaglia. MIT License.
import Foundation
import RxCocoa
import RxSwift
/// Reroutes errors out of the strream they were emitted from and into itself as a next event.
final class ErrorRouter: SharedSequenceConvertibleType {
typealias SharingStrategy = DriverSharingStrategy
private let _subject = PublishSubject<Error>()
func rerouteError<O: ObservableConvertibleType>(from source: O) -> Observable<O.Element> {
return source.asObservable()
.catchError { [_subject] error in
return Observable.empty()
func asSharedSequence() -> SharedSequence<SharingStrategy, Error> {
return _subject.asObservable().asDriver(onErrorRecover: { _ in Driver.empty() })
func asObservable() -> Observable<Error> {
return _subject.asObservable()
deinit {
extension ObservableConvertibleType {
/// Absorbes errors and routes them to the error router instead. If the source emits an error, this operator will emit a completed event and the error router will emit the error as a next event.
/// - Parameter errorRouter: The error router that will accept the error.
/// - Returns: The source observable's events with an error event converted to a completed event.
func rerouteError(_ errorRouter: ErrorRouter) -> Observable<Element> {
return errorRouter.rerouteError(from: self)
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