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Last active June 29, 2022 10:36
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// Restart.swift
// Created by Daniel Tartaglia on 23 Jun 2022.
// Copyright © 2022 Daniel Tartaglia. MIT License.
import RxSwift
extension ObservableType {
Repeats the source observable sequence on error when the notifier emits a next value. If the source observable
errors and the notifier completes, it will complete the source sequence.
- seealso: [retry operator on](
- Parameter notificationHandler: A handler that is passed an observable sequence of both errors raised by the
source observable along with a count of previous consecutive errors and returns an observable that either
continues, completes or errors. This behavior is then applied to the source observable.
- Returns: An observable sequence producing the elements of the given sequence repeatedly until it terminates
successfully or is notified to error or complete.
func restart<TriggerObservable>(when notificationHandler: @escaping (Observable<(Int, Error)>) -> TriggerObservable) -> Observable<Element>
where TriggerObservable: ObservableType {
let count = BehaviorSubject<Int>(value: 0)
onNext: { _ in
onError: { _ in
count.onNext(try! count.value() + 1)
.retry { error in
notificationHandler(error.withLatestFrom(count) { ($1, $0) })
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