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import json
import requests
# Read package.json file
with open('package.json', 'r') as file:
package_json = json.load(file)
# Extract dependencies and their versions
dependencies = package_json.get('dependencies', {})
import * as React from 'react'
export function usePropertyChangeTracker({ data, property, callback }) {
const previousDataRef = React.useRef([])
React.useEffect(() => {
const previousData = previousDataRef.current
for (let i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
const previousItem = previousData[i]
danielturus /
Last active August 14, 2021 13:27
Mac related settings

Disable Spotlight

As you know, the mds and mds_stores are Spotlight activities.

The reason why your Spotlight is so active could be a number of things; it could be you have an app or multiple apps constantly changing some folder contents.

First let's check whether Spotlight is the cause of the fans running so much. To test this, run the following in your terminal:

danielturus / eu-countries.ts
Created May 17, 2021 18:25
Complete list of EU countries
export type EUCountry = {
name: string
currency: string
code: string
export const EU_COUNTRIES: EUCountry[] = [
name: 'Austria',
currency: 'euro',
danielturus / countries.ts
Created May 9, 2021 07:15
Complete list of countries with ISO code
export interface Country {
name: string
code: string
export const CountryList: Country[] = [
{ name: "Afghanistan", code: "AF" },
{ name: "Albania", code: "AL" },
{ name: "Algeria", code: "DZ" },
{ name: "American Samoa", code: "AS" },
danielturus / commands.txt
Created February 12, 2019 12:19 — forked from JesseRWeigel/commands.txt
ImageMagick Compression Commands
// Must install ImageMagick first
//This compresses a jpg with no visible loss of quality. Add in your own file names for target.jpg and result.jpg
convert -strip -interlace Plane -sampling-factor 4:2:0 -quality 85% target.jpg result.jpg
// This does the same as above but to an entire folder (will overwrite original files):
mogrify -strip -interlace Plane -sampling-factor 4:2:0 -quality 85% *.jpg
//This does the same thing but to all subfolders as well (Be careful with this one it will overwrite all original files)
danielturus / usersettings.json
Created February 9, 2019 08:34
VSCode settings
"editor.tabSize": 4,
"editor.detectIndentation": false,
"telemetry.enableTelemetry": false,
"workbench.startupEditor": "newUntitledFile",
"": "C:\\Program Files\\Git\\bin\\bash.exe",
"emmet.includeLanguages": {
"vue-html": "html"
"explorer.confirmDelete": false,
danielturus / filters.js
Created February 8, 2019 13:07
Vuejs filters - Register multiple filters globally in VueJS (NuxtJS)
import Vue from 'vue'
export function formatDateRo(date) {
return new Date(date).toLocaleDateString('ro-RO')
export function roundToTwo(num) {
return +(Math.round(num + 'e+2') + 'e-2')
Math.uuid.js (v1.4)
Copyright (c) 2010 Robert Kieffer
Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses.