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Daniel W. Robert danielwrobert

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danielwrobert / package.json
Last active Apr 16, 2021
@wordpress/env Script Settings (package.json)
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"name": "project-name",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "",
"author": "",
"license": "GPL-2.0-or-later",
"main": "index.js",
"scripts": {
"env": "WP_ENV_HOME=\"wp-env\" wp-env",
"env:logs": "npm run env logs",
danielwrobert / thejoker.zsh-theme
Last active Mar 9, 2020
My Oh My Zsh prompt theme.
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# name in folder (github)
# ± if in github repo, or ≥ if otherwise Time in 24-hour format is on right.
function collapse_pwd {
echo $(pwd | sed -e "s,^$HOME,~,")
function prompt_char {
echo -n "%{$fg_bold[red]%}➜%{$reset_color%} "
#echo -n "%{$fg_bold[white]%}"
#git branch >/dev/null 2>/dev/null && echo "±%{$reset_color%}" && return
#echo "$%{$reset_color%}"
danielwrobert / .prettierrc
Last active Jun 9, 2020
My Prettier configuration files
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"useTabs": true,
"tabWidth": 4,
"singleQuote": true,
"printWidth": 100
danielwrobert / .hyper.js
Last active May 6, 2018
My Hyper Terminal config -
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// Future versions of Hyper may add additional config options,
// which will not automatically be merged into this file.
// See for all currently supported options.
module.exports = {
config: {
updateChannel: 'canary',
// default font size in pixels for all tabs
fontSize: 14,
windowSize: [1080, 720],
danielwrobert / vscode.js
Last active Oct 23, 2021
My user settings for VS Code.
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"editor.fontSize": 14,
"editor.fontLigatures": true,
"editor.minimap.enabled": false,
"editor.detectIndentation": false,
"editor.insertSpaces": false,
"editor.bracketPairColorization.enabled": true,
// Auto-save configs
"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"[markdown]": {
danielwrobert / .eslintrc
Last active Aug 19, 2019
My ESLint configurations
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"root": true,
"extends": [ "react-app", "plugin:jsx-a11y/recommended" ],
"plugins": [ "jsx-a11y" ],
"parser": "babel-eslint",
"parserOptions": {
"ecmaVersion": 8,
"ecmaFeatures": {
"experimentalObjectRestSpread": true,
"impliedStrict": true,
danielwrobert / style-blog-cobaltish.css
Last active Dec 22, 2017
Alternative color pallets (style overrides) for Independent Publisher 2 theme.
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.widget_recent_comments a, .widget_recent_entries a, body, button, input, select, textarea {
color: #F9FFEE;
.entry-author .author-title, .entry-title, .entry-title a, .entry-title a:visited, .site-posted-on strong, .site-title, .site-title a, .site-title a:visited, .entry-title a:hover, .site-title a:hover, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, .page-header:not(.page-header-light) h1, .comment .comment-meta .comment-author .fn {
color: #EFBB35;
.site-title a {
color: #EFBB35 !important;
.site-description, .social-navigation li a, .site-header .menu-toggle {
danielwrobert / .gitattributes-line-endings
Last active Mar 7, 2017
Git attributes to deal with differences in line endings
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## Deal with differences in line endings:
## See
# Set the default behavior, in case people don't have core.autocrlf set.
* text=auto
# Explicitly declare text files you want to always be normalized and converted
# to native line endings on checkout.
*.c text
*.h text
danielwrobert / docker-compose.wordpress.coredev.yml
Last active Dec 9, 2016 — forked from dmsnell/docker-compose.wordpress.coredev.yml
A Docker container configuration for WordPress via Docker Compose.
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version: '2'
image: wordpress
- 8888:80