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GOMX-1 beacon format
/* BEACON A */
struct __attribute__((__packed__)) cdh_beacon_a {
struct __attribute__((packed)) {
uint16_t bootcount; // Total boot count
int16_t temp1; // Board temp1 * 4 in [C]
int16_t temp2; // Board temp2 * 4 in [C]
int16_t panel_temp[6]; // Panel temperatures * 4 in [C]
} obc;
struct __attribute__((packed)) {
uint16_t byte_corr_tot; // Total bytes corrected by reed-solomon
uint16_t rx; // Total packets detected
uint16_t rx_err; // Total packets with error
uint16_t tx; // Total packets transmitted
int16_t last_temp_a; // Last temperature A in [C]
int16_t last_temp_b; // Last temperature B in [C]
int16_t last_rssi; // Last detected RSSI [dBm]
int16_t last_rferr; // Last detected RF-error [Hz]
uint16_t last_batt_volt; // Last sampled battery voltage [mV/10]
uint16_t last_txcurrent; // Last TX current [mA]
uint16_t bootcount; // Total bootcount
} com;
struct __attribute__ ((__packed__)) {
uint16_t vboost[3]; // Voltage of boost converters [mV] [PV1, PV2, PV3]
uint16_t vbatt; // Voltage of battery [mV]
uint16_t curout[6]; // Current out [mA]
uint16_t curin[3]; // Current in [mA]
uint16_t cursun; // Current from boost converters
uint16_t cursys; // Current out of battery
int16_t temp[6]; // Temperature sensors [0 = TEMP1, TEMP2, TEMP3, TEMP4, BATT0, BATT1]
uint8_t output; // Status of outputs
uint16_t counter_boot; // Number of EPS reboots
uint16_t counter_wdt_i2c; // Number of WDT I2C reboots
uint16_t counter_wdt_gnd; // Number of WDT GND reboots
uint8_t bootcause; // Cause of last EPS reset
uint16_t latchup[6]; // Number of latch-ups
uint8_t battmode; // Mode for battery [0 = normal, 1 = undervoltage, 2 = overvoltage]
} eps;
struct __attribute__((__packed__)) {
uint16_t average_fps_5min;
uint16_t average_fps_1min;
uint16_t average_fps_10sec;
uint16_t plane_count;
uint32_t frame_count;
uint32_t last_icao;
uint32_t last_timestamp;
float last_lat;
float last_lon;
uint32_t last_altitude;
uint32_t crc_corrected;
uint16_t bootcount;
uint16_t bootcause;
} gatoss;
struct __attribute__((packed)) {
int8_t temp; // Temperature of nanohub in [C]
uint16_t bootcount; // Total bootcount
uint8_t reset; // Reset cause:
uint8_t sense_status; // Status on feedback switches and arm switch [ARM1 ARM0 K1S3 K1S2 K1S1 K1S0 K0S1 K0S0]
uint16_t burns[2]; // Number of burn tries [K1B1 K1B0]
} hub;
struct __attribute__((packed)) {
float tumblerate[3];
float tumblenorm[2];
float mag[3];
uint8_t status; // [xxxxxxab] a = magvalid, b = detumbled
float torquerduty[3];
uint8_t ads; // State [xxxxyyyy] x = state, y = dstate
uint8_t acs; // State [xxxxyyyy] x = state, y = dstate
uint8_t sunsensor_packed[8];
} adcs;
struct __attribute__((__packed__)) cdh_beacon_b {
uint16_t sun[5]; // sun sensor +x +y -x -y -z
uint8_t ineclipse; // 0=in sun, 1=ineclipse
float xest[16]; // State vector [_i^cq ^c\omega b_mag b_gyro \tau] in total 16 states
float zfilt[9]; // Filt meas vector [v_sun v_mag omega_gyro]
uint16_t enable; // Enable vector (bit mask) for meas vector [xsunsensor,3xmag,3xgyro]
float ref_q[4]; // Control ref
float err_q[4]; // control err
float ierr_q[3]; // Control ierr
float err_rate[3]; // Control err rate
float sc_reci[3]; // Ephem satellite pos
float sun_eci[3]; // Ephem sun pos
float mag_eci[3]; // Ephem mag
/* BEACON */
typedef struct __attribute__((packed)) {
uint32_t beacon_time; // Time the beacon was formed
uint8_t beacon_flags; // Which type of beacon is this
union {
struct cdh_beacon_a a; // A is common housekeeping
struct cdh_beacon_b b; // B is extended ADCS
} cdh_beacon;
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