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Install and configure CERN OpenAFS on Fedora 20/21/22 Centos 7/7.1 and RHEL

Before you start...

I wrote a small script to automate all this process.



Install and configure CERN OpenAFS on Fedora 20/21/22../30 Centos 7/7.X and RHEL


Please notice that to avoid any kind of issue, you should execute the following commands as root.

  • su -

Installing Dependencies

  • yum install rpm-build bison flex kernel-devel kernel-devel-x86_64 krb5-devel ncurses-devel pam-devel perl-ExtUtils-Embed perl-devel swig

  • yum groupinstall 'Development Tools'

Installing & configuring Kerberos + OpenAFS

Kerberos Client


  • yum install krb5-workstation


  • wget -O /etc/krb5.conf

OpenAFS Client


Go to the OpenAfs official website and download the latest 'src.rpm' package.

  • wget

Once downloaded:

  • rpmbuild --rebuild openafs-

Depending on your hardware this step might take a long time. Sit back and relax :)


At this point we will basically need to install ALL the generated packages except openafs-kpasswd (because of conflicts issues with krb5-workstation) and openafs-server (not needed):

  • cd ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/

  • yum install dkms-openafs- kmod-openafs- openafs- openafs-authlibs- openafs-authlibs-devel- openafs-client- openafs-compat- openafs-debuginfo- openafs-devel- openafs-docs- openafs-kernel-source- openafs-krb5-


Edit '/usr/vice/etc/ThisCell'...

  • echo "" > /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell

... and add the following lines to '/etc/krb5.conf':

  CERN.CH = {
    default_domain =
    kpasswd_server =
    admin_server =
    kdc =        # ADD THIS LINE
    kdc =        # ADD THIS LINE
    kdc =        # ADD THIS LINE

[domain_realm] = CERN.CH             # ADD THIS LINE = CERN.CH

Finally, start and enable the service.

  • systemctl start openafs-client.service

  • systemctl enable openafs-client.service


To start using it, you will need valid kerberos ticket:

  • kinit <username>@CERN.CH

And also mount the afs share on the our system:

  • aklog

After doing it, you will be able to access your personal share from:


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Just tried on FC22. rpm rebuilt ended with this error

CC [M] /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs-
In file included from /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs-,
from /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs-,
from /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs-
include/linux/backing-dev.h:25:3: warning: 'printk' is an unrecognized format function type [-Wformat=]
const char *fmt, ...);
In file included from /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs-
/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs- In function 'do_sync_read':
/root/rpmbuild/BUILD/openafs- error: implicit declaration of function 'generic_file_read' [-Werror=implicit-function-declaration]
return generic_file_read(fp, buf, count, offp);

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danifr commented Jun 4, 2016

Sorry for the late response, I just saw your message o_O :/

I think this error was caused because your kernel version (4.2.8) was not supported by the version of openafs you were trying to compile (v1.6.11.1)

You should have picked a newer version from

Anyway, as today (Jun 2016) the latest version of openafs only supports up to kernel 4.4...

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dcsouthwick commented Jun 14, 2016

Yep - tried with latest public release (1.6.18) on fc23 since fc24 is scheduled for release in a few days - does not pass the recompile against 4.5.6-200.fc23

error: unknown field 'follow_link' specified in initializer
error: unknown field 'put_link' specified in initializer
error: implicit declaration of function 'nd_set_link'
make[6] leaving /usr/src/kernels/4.5.6.-200.fc23.x86_64 FAILURE: make exit code 2

Hmm any advice for those of us that want to try with 4.5.x kernel, or the 4.6x kernel next week?

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eparadas commented Jun 23, 2016

Instructions are working fine on Fedora 23.
Just a small addition for the aklog command. In my case I had to do:
aklog -c -k CERN.CH


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dcsouthwick commented Jul 5, 2016

Looks like they just added support for 4.5.x kernel! Hopefully they will continue on this pace and add support for 4.6.x kernel that fc24 supports.
@eparadas - I tried explicitly declaring the cell / krb_realm but it still returns Using Kerberos V5 ticket natively. Identical tokens already exist; skipping.

afs so far works as expected with 4.5.x

sidenote: kernel 4.5.5.fc24 cannot install openafs-kpasswd alongside krb5-workstation

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danifr commented Jul 26, 2016

Hi all @dcsouthwick, @eparadas, @piotrskowronski,

sorry, I don't get any notification when new comments are posted here...

I've created this script ( to automate the building and installation process of the newer versions of openAFS.
I tested it on several machines (Fedora 22, Fedora 23 and Fedora 24) and it works great.

I'm very happy with it and I think more people can benefit from it.
Feedback would be highly appreciated!!

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dinojugosloven commented Sep 7, 2016

This is not working on CentOS 7.2 .
It seems that the fields in krb5.conf file should not be changed.
` CERN.CH = {
default_domain =
kpasswd_server =
admin_server =
kdc =

v4_name_convert = {
host = {
rcmd = host

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danifr commented Sep 22, 2016

Hi @dinojugosloven

This is not working on CentOS 7.2

I updated the script (, tried it, and it works like a charm. Now both Fedora (23,24) and CentOS (7.1 / 7.2) are supported.

Check it out and let me know!

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Hi Dani,

I confirm that the downloading and installation of OpenAFS with your script works on CENTOS 7.3 out-of-the box. Thank you very much for this!

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@danifr we love you (L)

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flg commented Apr 11, 2017

Successfully installed Openafs with kernel 4.4.60-1 (from elrepo) on CentOS 7. Thank you for this, quite useful.

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abunimeh commented Sep 27, 2017

On Fedora 26 and CentOS 7 Epel, after installing krb5, do

# dnf copr enable jsbillings/openafs 
# dnf install openafs openafs-client openafs-krb5


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stealex commented Dec 21, 2017

Hello! I have tried this by hand and by using your script on CentOS 7.3 and it only works inside a CERN network. When outside CERN I receive :
$ kinit <myname>@CERN.CH
kinit: Cannot contact any KDC for realm
Has anyone encountered this? Is it a network problem? Thank you in advance

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