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Last active April 9, 2018 15:49
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Checks WSUS App Pool
Script will check status of WSUS APP Pool and if 'stopped' will email. Setup script as scheduled task on WSUS instance.
Version: 1.0
Author: dpadgett
Creation Date: 07/02/17
Purpose/Change: Production
$smtpserver = "<hostname/IP>"
$recipients = "<mailrecipient>"
$senderaddress = "<sender>"
Import-Module WebAdministration
Get-ChildItem –Path IIS:\AppPools
$pools = 'WsusPool'
$state = Get-ItemProperty "IIS:\AppPools\$($pools[0])" | select state
$body = "WSUS App Pool on SCCM Site Server '<ConfigMgr Server>' has stopped - Please log in to to manually start "
if ($state -match 'Started')
Send-MailMessage -SmtpServer $smtpserver -Port 25 -To $recipients -From $senderaddress -Subject "WSUS App Pool Error on SCCM Site Server!" -Body $body
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